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Change your porch style and add a fresh new dimension to your home. There are many people staying at home they want to utilize the porch they have. Others want to add an extra appeal to encourage new buyers. Either way, giving your patio the right decor can be a relatively inexpensive project thus enhancing the look and feel of your home. Look at all the picture and find and save the best small front porch decorating ideas for your inspiration.

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small front porch ideas

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Small Front Porch Decorating
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small front porch ideas
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Porch Ceiling
Replace the existing ceiling panel with the bead board. Painted or stained, the bead board adds to the warmth and charm of any terrace. Easy to install and can be placed on top of existing ceiling in most conditions. The outdoor terrace ceilings can be artsy and attractive like the inside of your home.

Porch Floor
Your porch floor also known as the patio decking, made a big statement about your porch. Concrete? Or Wood? The stain or paint must have replaced the damaged wood floor. You might consider painting the floor and ceiling with contrasting or complementary colors for a bold new look. Look out for porch and floor paint in your favorite home store. Do not forget to paint the front door with the best quality exterior paint according to your budget.

Porch Columns
With a wide variety of products available today, you can easily transform your porch columns into a different design. If your columns are rectangular in shape, use round column wraps to give your porch a whole new look. If they are currently wrought-iron, consider adding additional pieces to give it more of a Mediterranean look. Most wrought-iron porch columns and railings too need regular maintenance. A wire brush, elbow grease, and paint can go a long way to make them look fresh and new again.

Porch Railings
Change your porch railings. Consider upgrading your railings to aluminum balusters which come in several different colors, to give your home an updated, contemporary look. If wood is your style, choose a different style baluster, they come in all kinds of designs and patterns. Or, for a totally different look, replace your porch railings with a knee wall solid structure and cover that with faux stone! Place craftsman style columns on top of the knee wall and I bet you’ll love the look.

Sometimes we are often so busy trying to update our homes so we forget the most obvious part – porch. There are so many affordable and easy ways you can do to improve the look of your small front porch. A little imagination and work can go according to plan.

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