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I really can’t tell you how many times I’ve ran into problems with concrete patio slabs that are higher than the interior floor of the home. It doesn’t have to be much higher, even if it’s the same height, you could still have problems if the patio slab doesn’t slope safely away from the home. And the pictures below are Patio Slab Design Ideas as inspiration.

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patio slab design ideas

concrete slab patio design ideas
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concrete slab patio ideas
concrete slab patio ideas image via

patio slab design layout
patio slab design layout image via

The concrete slab that ran the entire length of the back of the house was a little bit higher than the interior concrete floor slab. It’s not hard to figure out. Simply go to a window that is located near the concrete patio area that you’re worried about and measure up from the bottom of the window sill to the interior flooring and then go outside and measure the distance from the bottom of the window sill, to the top of the concrete patio floor slab.

If the measurement on the outside of the house is smaller than the measurement on the inside of the house, that means that the concrete patio is higher than the interior flooring. If the measurement is larger, you probably won’t have any water damage, the next time that it rains. If the concrete slab is higher, the next time that it rains, there’s a good chance that water could drain from the higher exterior concrete patio slab into the home. If you live in a home with a problem like this, you are probably going to need to remove the concrete slab and lower it.

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