Patio Chair Cushions Ideas with a Purpose to Make Extra Comfort

The chaise lounge sofa cushions can become stained and faded, after several years of use. It usually happens that the furniture frame is still in good condition but the pads are not attractive anymore. Purchasing a pillow can be very expensive, and there is a chance you will find it difficult to meet patterns and colors that can work with the ideas you have in mind. Therefore, this will give you some tips that will guide you to restore the patio chair cushions.

Firstly, you need to examine your old patio chaise lounge chair. You need to check the condition of the foam of stuffing. If it is not in good condition, you have to measure the cushion and you should buy the new foam or stuffing material. You have to make sure that the new filler for your cushions is certainly designed for outdoor use.

patio chair cushion ideas

patio chair cushions at home depot
patio chair cushions at home depot

patio chair cushions amazon
patio chair cushions amazon

patio furniture cushion storage ideas
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Outdoor Replacement Chair Cushions
Outdoor Replacement Chair Cushions image via

Awesome Patio Chair Cushions Ideas

Measure your old pillow to easily determine the required cushion size. And then allowing extra to match lines or patterns and also to create a bond to secure the pillow to the chaise lounge frame. After that, you need to buy the cloth. If the pillow is left outside for good, you should buy a sunproof cloth.

You should make your old pillow pattern on paper. You need to let ½ inch on all sides for stitch allowances. Then, you can begin to measure bond lengths long and you need to write them down.

You need to cut the new foam by using newspaper pattern. After that, you should cut the fabric by using pattern drawn and cut the fabric for ties.

You need to sew stitches, leave one end open for stuffing and then turn right. The tie should be sewn and pasted on the cushion cover by utilizing the same position as the old pads. In addition, you need to sew Velcro to both sides of the closing lid cover.

And the last, you need to stuff the cushion into the cover of the cushion and then fasten the Velcro opening. After that, attach to the frame of the chaise lounge with ties.

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